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After your research, never compare hair stylists by calling them on phone direct to tell them they should see what others are doing so they can re determine their price guide.

If you are not a hair stylist don’t push your budget on Stylists rather.

What to do ?
Ask them kindly if they can reconsider their prices tags or not but also it’s not a must you can opt not to do your hair if that works for you.
✓Usitulinganishe mimi na wewe na msusi wako na wangu haswaa.Hatufanani kabisa.

Since I come from a kiswahili speaking beautiful country Tanzania, I love spreading my language.
I meant that a client should not compare hair stylist thinking they’re the same even if they do all hair business.

We are ready to give you a tender loving care ( TLC) we normally charge twice than the normal price when you come to the salon.
Keep that in mind.
We are human beings but differ in many ways that are good or bad.
Every one is capable of doing a certain task in his or her way and with that being said,
Never compare your self others or compare people with others . style up now.

Since this is a hair and beauty culture platform let’s go straight out and learn something.

•It is not a good vibe
•It makes you uncomfortable next time you want to revisit your old stylist
•It makes the stylist loose the guts to work on you again, though stylists are used to this kind of situations since we work on a huge Client base mist of the time, we just let go and stay focused our the next appointments a head.

Don’t compare any Stylists to others.
We are by far very different in administrations in the hair business – that being said, make a good selection of your hairstylists always when it comes to hair, skin and nails care. Visit us and experience the hair and beauty culture

If you don’t need their services anymore, just tell them what you want to avoid misunderstanding on both sides.

As Hair Stylists, we are so creative and talented, schedule a consultation Appointment and talk about your desired new looks so you can grow with your stylists preferably.

The Feed Back I Got From a Lovely Client!
1- Why are you charging so high when others are doing that same work at a low charges? I can’t afford it.

2- Why don’t you investigate what they doing and try to lower the prices and get more high title Clients? Really ?!

3- Can you come to my place and work on hair at home “I have a very busy program”, will you charge me if you come over or the price will be the same?.

I think hair stylists needs to be respected, we make you look beautiful and representable.

Advise to clients
• Fast and foremost, be willing to support someone’s business however much it is so small. Respect it don’t look down on our Small businesses please.

• Respect our time and efforts we put in do push us to fit in your needs and budgets.

• After your research, don’t compare the hair stylist by calling them on phone direct and tell them they should see what others are doing so they can re determine their price guide.

Never do that please.
If you are not a hair stylist don’t push your budget on Stylists instead ask them politely if they can reconsider their prices or not and go for what you can afford. Stay in peace and harmony.

Advise to Hair stylists

• Stay focused on your goal and be creative always.

• Increase the power of saying no where necessary.

• Don’t be afraid to charge what is worth the work you are providing. Continue to make money.

• love your work and love you client always.

The issue of inviting hair stylists at your home. Has its merits and demerits. Clients must be serious when the option is calling stylists at your beautiful home.

Here at Bigways Salon we call it
Keep that in mind

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