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Be a good listener and make sure you are both on the same page from the outlined points. Every Consultation should be structured so that you cover all the points to successful conclusion from consultation.. Keep a list of the following 10 points at your work station: Modify the list as needed for each actual services to make a good use of your Consultation sessions.

1- Review the intake form.

2- Assess the client’s current style.

3- Determine the client’s preferences.

4- Analyze the client’s hair.

5- Review the client’s life style.

6- Show and inform.

7- Suggest the best options.

8- Make color recommendation.

9- Discuss upkeep and maintenance.

10- Review the conclusion..

Let Us Learn More From The Following Points A Bout Consultation

Feel free to make more comments that break the ice and initiate conversation with the client.

2-•ASSESS THE CLIENT’S CURRENT STYLE . Is it soft and unstructured? Carefully styled? Classic? Is it in sun with her style of clothing and personal image? 3-• DETERMINE THE CLIENT’S PREFERENCES. Ask your client what they like most and least about their current hair cut and style . Ask her when was her last time she really loved or liked her hair and other areas like Skin, nails, body care? Next ask what she likes most and challenges she is having . If she could change something what would it be? Is her style too conservative? Does she live the fact that she only has to ten minutes Styling her hair a day?.

Assess your client’s hair, including its thickness, texture, manageability and conditions.
Is her hair particularly thin on top or at the temples? Check for strong hair growth patterns, including in ruly cowlicks.

Ask your client what at home products they are using and if they are effective for them. Make notes on the in-take form.


Ask your client the following questions about her career and life style:
(a) Does she spend a great deal of time out doors?
(b) Does she swim frequently?
(c) Is she a business woman? an artist , a stay at home?
(d) Does she wish to project a strong or specific personal style?
(e) What are her Styling abilities? How often does she shampoo her hair?
(f) How much time does she want to spend on her hair every day?

Encourage your clients to flip through your styles book / gallery and point out Styles, even parts of styles.

For instance when her own hair is quite fine or thin? Is her hair curly, yet she consistently choose straight Styles that would require a chemical straightening application services to achieve that results.

In addition, listen to how she describes hair length. If she says she wants her hair short that is to say does she mean shoulder length? Above her ears?..

In order to make sure you understand what she is saying, repeat what she tells you, using specific terms like chin- length or resting on shoulder
Listening to the client and then repeating, in your own words, what you think the client is telling you is known as REFLECTIVE LISTENING.

Once you have every information, ask the client if you may make recommendations.
That’s one of the reasons you are encouraging clients for consultation before any services.

Before giving any suggestions, wait for her to give you permission to do so.

Once she has, Base your recommendation on the client’s needs and desires. Narrow your selection based on the following criteria:

– Lifestyle. The style you choose must fit the client’s Styling, time and parameters (abilities). Meet your client’s needs for business, casual looks and provide options with these looks.

– Hair types. Be it thick, or thin density: fine, medium, or coarse hair texture, straight, wavy, curly, extremely curly wave patterns.

– Face shape. Point out hair styles that would look good with her face shape. Is her face narrow a cross the temple area? If so, you should suggest Styles that add a little fullness in this area.


Unless a client doesn’t want to talk about color.
But these recommendation should be part of every Consultation service.

Almost every one can use glossing treatment have her hair color enriched or add some highlights or low lights to make her color enriched.

Ask if she has colored her hair in the past. If she already has color, find out how long it has been since she last applied.

Has she had color challenges in the past? Does she color her hair at home ? Would she like to make a subtle or dramatic hair color change?

When talking about color, be very careful to make sure you and the client are speaking the same language.

Hair stylists are accustomed to be very technical side of color and tend to use terms like multidimensional highlighting, or no – ammonia, semi permanent tint.

This can be very confusing and misleading to clients. Use pictures as much as possible for better references.

Counsel every client on the salon maintenance, life style limitations.

Let the client know that throughout the service you will be educating her on various products that you would recommend for her home use.

Reiterate every thing that you have agreed up on by using a phrase like what, I heard you say, then make sure to speak in measured precise terms and use visual tools to demonstrate the intended end results.

This is the most critical step of the Consultation process because it determines the ultimate services.

Always take your time and be thorough. Pause for your client’s confirmation or ask her if you have understood every thing correctly.

Once you are sure that you both have the same understanding of her needs, ask her if she is ready to start the service as you have both outlined .

Once your client has agreed, you can proceed with the service.

Concluding the services:
Once the service is finished and the client let you know she is satisfied.

Take few notes in a minute and record the results, and things won’t be repeated.

Make note of the final results and any referral products that the client purchased.

Be sure to date your notes and file them in the proper place.

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