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How to prepare for your Microlocks Installation?

My work as a hair stylist, is to solve my client’s problems. It’s my task to listen to all my clients and deliver what I am required of..

That is why we created a consultation and appointments tools to help us all hit the best conclusion. The consultation form give a client a field to tell it all to us and there after.

A client can decide to create Appointment straight from our website.. On the Make appointment spot, clients can as well select the service, Stylist and the location where you want to receive the hair Services from.

Are you excited about getting your Microlocks installed? Preparation for your session is very important. Make sure your hair is in its best condition while also making plans of how you will get in during the session.


1. Wash Your Hair. You need to wash your hair before the installation season. Have a minimum of thorough washing. For the first wash, it is recommended to do a deep conditioning treatment. For the last wash, you can do a hot oil treatment before you wash.

However, you should not use any product on your hair on your last wash before the installation day. Just use shampoo, and after the wash, you also should detangle it.

2. Have enough Time clear your schedule on the installation date. Make sure you arrive early for your sessions. Your Stylist will have scheduled in breaks for you to take.

3. Be advised to get enough Rest , don’t let the excitement affect your sleep. The installation will take a couple of hours if not over a period of two days. So it’s better if you have had enough sleep to be sure you’re not fatigued during your session.

4. Make it a deal And Have A Good Breakfast . The installation of microlocks or sisterlocks, takes time, it is wiser to get the heavy breakfast as possible, it is advisable to make sure you take every reasonable precaution to avoid wasting time.


Wear Comfortable Clothes , Don’t wear too tight outfits, let your body ease itself. The installation will take time. And you need to make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire process.

6. A neck pillow is essential to come forth with. Make sure you are comfortable in other ways, The neck pillow will keep your head properly positioned during installation, you will need it. You should also have a soft seat cushion. Most of the time the salon chairs are comfortable.


1- You Will Need To Utilize The Time During The Installations Services and have fun. please Carry a book, your phone, iPad, or laptop; anything that will keep you engaged.

If you carry any electronics, make sure you don’t forget the chargers. You may come with an extension  for your convenience if you wish to have your device nearby. This is really a good idea.

2- Have Your Headphones with You, maybe your movies / music / video preferences may not be popular with other people in the room. To avoid making people uncomfortable, bring your headphones.

3-Have Some Snacks Ready. You should get some snacks to eat in-between before you eventually have lunch. Having snacks ready saves time because you will not take regular breaks from your session because you are hungry. Also, make sure the snacks aren’t the messy supper type like cakes. Some chips, crackers, cookies, will do you much better.

4- Have Plans for Lunch If you prefer homemade food, you can prepare it before the session and carry it with you. If not you can buy food. There are several food delivery apps you can use. Order during your session before your lunch break so that it arrives in time for lunch, to save time.

5- Take photos Take photos before, during, and after the installations. Document your journey. The memories will be worth it, and when you look at how far you have come, you’ll be super excited and proud of yourself for making your decision to lock your hair and the patience you have tirelessly embraced towards the whole nightmare coming to reality.

Hope you learned something new. Be advised to schedule a consultation appointment before any services.


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