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They are expensive – this is luck of understanding , we are not equal almost in every thing. So if you can’t afford this kind of hair style just don’t touch it and don’t spread it that it is expensive. Do something that is with in your budget please.

It will save you from un necessary problems. Synthetic Dreadlocks Extension Is A Better Way To Get Started With Your Dreadlocks Journey. Why you should not consider these myths, just feel good go forward and fix your Dreadlocks using synthetic Locks Extensions the hand made Dreadlocks Extensions? First thing first, synthetic Dreadlocks Extensions are easy to find and cost reasonably. If you are on a budget, this is the best option to evolve with the synthetic Dreadlocks Extensions.




The hair style that will keep you trendy with a sparkling look.


Most importantly, refer to the following points that will save you before you hung yourself to unprofessional stylists-loctician.

1. Be straight forward to what you want.
2. Research for the best loctician in your area
3. Schedule a consultation appointment before you show up at salon
4. Understand the process and the price at Large.

Some local and new talents tend to be a bit cheaper and their craft (work) still needs perfection to it .
Don’t go for cheap services, it will cause you an necessary problems. Still this is an advise to help you in right decision making. Hope this helps you.
But you are not a lone in this challenge, many people are facing this problem for the following reasons:

√ They don’t know who are the best Stylists a round and far from them.
✓Because not everyone is capable of using internet and Google up something they need.
✓This is sad, but we can still keep on helping one another if you know how to browse through the whole internet, that’s very good teach others too, it’s not sin to help
✓Keep doing good every time you can.
√ They don’t know what they want because no one showed, taught them, you can be ignorant to something but that doesn’t mean you’re foolish. Yes your are a fool to something you don’t know but if you are introduced to it, you are not ignorant any more .

1. They are expensive
2. They break down the hair
3. They are itchy
4. They are not smart
5. They are heavy on head
6. They are hard textured
7. The are common these days
8. They can change colors
9 . You can’t curl them
10 . The are hard to style

Let us learn more about these myths
1. They are expensive – this is luck of understanding , we are not equal almost in every thing. So if you can’t afford this kind of hair style just don’t touch it and don’t spread it that it is expensive. Do something that is with in your budget please. it will save you from un necessary problems.
2. They break down the hair. No it doesn’t if you meet the right person for that work. The good thing is that, BIGWAYSSALON can help you out so solve this issue.
3. They are itchy, almost every get that itchy moment and it’s good to scratch your head sculp. Do you know a one month or one day new born baby get itchy they rise their small hand trying to scratch that itch but the mom realize that and get them the help.
The point hear is that itching is normal but when it exceeds, there should be a serious reasons inside your blood, seek a medical advice.


Itchy scalp can be caused by various reasons not the hairstyle as Synthetic Dreadlocks Extension.
Hormone imbalance, poor diet practice, poor hair products usage , and do you know dandruff is a serious disease in hair dressing and it can be spread from one to another.
Sanitation in Salon is more important than anything else.

If there is poor sanitation practice, get out of that salon and go to another salon that have proper sanitation practice and better services.
This can cost you a big Cush to get rid of dandruff problem.


This takes to the next point
4. They are not smart enough – being smart is a choice and you don’t need to be rich to be smart.

I have never worked on a client whom I have installed synthetic Locks Extensions and come out with an pleased and smarter even if I didn’t install them on you by my self.

You will look smart . This is why you need to know who are the right Stylists for a particular hair styles. At BIGWAYSSALON we have some of the best hair experts in town to get you the perfect services for you.

5. They are heavy on head. A big no, when it comes to the heaviness of hair extensions, yes some other normal braids tend to be aa a cargo onto some heads. You Stylist is responsible to outline the best options for the client towards the particular hair style.
✓When it comes to our hand made Synthetic Dreadlocks Extension, they are not heavy at all and since we go by mathematics, nothing goes off truck.
✓We plait these locks extensions with the guidance of a client’s face, hair lengths and volumes. We don’t mess around with our clients at BIGWAYSSALON.. hope to see you soon.
√They are hard textured. Not interested in this at all because at BIGWAYSSALON we produce A very soft and Healthier synthetic & Human hair locks extensions.
We mean business , always we wanted to deliver the best products that sits well , looks beautiful and natural to our clients, so they can experience the hair and beauty culture in and out of our salon.
6. Dreadlocks are common to everyone. Do you want animals to make Dreadlocks? I don’t think so, being common is a natural thing and is good.

7. The question is who did / fixed / plaited your synthetic Locks Extensions? This is where you get it wrong. A stylist can make you look like a goat when he / she doesn’t know what to do. There are master Stylists, lead Stylists and new talent. Choose carefully.

8. They can change colors. No of course, synthetic Locks Extensions doesn’t change any color rather. We use different colors braids in the production process to bring that fascinating look of different shades on one lock.
That’s why you will find something like double shades on our Extensions at our shop. This literally means a synthetic dreadlocks Extensions with more than one color in particular.


Since it is synthetic hair braids not 100 percent human hair, your can’t Color, or bleach it . The color will be applied using bleach braids not bleach powder and hydrogen peroxide. 9. You can’t curl them. The simple fact is that it is possible to be curled with the use of hot water or braid them by double twist, and pour the hot water onto it to achieve those curls. It is possible to achieve the curls you want. 10. They are hard to style – Do not tell me I don’t know what am doing? Am always coming up with different styles on the synthetic Locks Extensions for years now. Literally you can have any style you want on these Extensions. As long as it is Dreadlocks style you can have it. Here at BIGWAYSSALN we produce, plait / fix on our clients, we sale them in our country and we have a world wide shipping services. Head to our online shop, choose our hand made Synthetic Dreadlocks Extension pay on line and we send your you locks right away. Thanks for reading , hope you learned something new today. Leave a comment, share with others.

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